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We Believe the Best Support

"I provide international expertise and guidance in setting up a new business overseas. My legal, technical, and cultural background will be invaluable in assisting you while doing business with Brazil and in Latin America."

"Moving a business or starting a new one overseas requires careful planning and determined action. My strategies for outlining goals, setting up timelines, and assuring daily tracking have proven successful."

Planned Early Activities

1- A trip to Brazil with management for business assignments and other issues.

2- Revising and selecting law firm and advising on documentation.

3- Selecting accounting firm to provide registrations with government.

4- Organizing accounting between Brazil and homeland.

5- Translating technical documents to comply with Brazilian laws.

6- Find and select an office area for your business and Selecting a local bank..

Consulting Activities

- Analyzing investment plans and economical viability of projects.

- Identification and interface for merging and acquisition of new companies.

- Elaborating initial projects in the early stages of a startup business.

- Preparing documentation necessary for governmental requirements and fiscal issues.

- Researching for data to execute projects such as: marketing data; industrial costs; source and equipment cost; materials and components.

- Planning and elaboration of the adequate geographical area to install the office and facilities.

- A list of legal and tributary documentation necessary to legalize business activities in Brazil (labor laws, tributary, and tax laws).

- Selecting and implementing human resources: operational structure.

Management Consulting

Tax Advisor. To provide with insights and solutions for your particular case regarding taxes in Brazil. (Federal, State, Municipal), service fees, betterment fees, social contribution, and regulatory fees; Import and export duties; Income and capital gains tax; Tax on industrialized goods (IPI); Tax on credit and exchange transactions; Merchandise circulation tax (ICMS).

Labor Law Advisor.

To assist you in getting the most value for your investment when hiring human resources or a third party company. Vacation time; Ticket transportation; FGTS (length of service guarantee); Social security; Fringe benefits; an the Brazilian thirteenth salary.

Environmental Advisor.

New laws and regulations have recently changed some of the earlier practices and new environmental requirements are in place to obtain specific licenses. My service is to provide guidance with obtaining the previous license, the installation license and the operational license, also with any other environmental documents in case of environmental impact.

Broker Advisor.

The most efficient way of sending and receiving goods from Brazil is to know and maintain contact with the local brokers. Legislation is constantly updated to accommodate the country continuous development. I can assist with freights and invoices, consolidation and containers, insurance costs, and documentation handling.

Integrated System Advisor.

Choosing the appropriate software for your company in Brazil is very important. It allows you to comply with the local legislation and at the same time it provides data information to your accountant in the USA. I will advise on finance system, industrial system, production system, personnel administration system, system for the property, system for fiscal and tax books integrated with accounting and management, security access system.